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5 best places to spot tigers in India
8 River rafting locations in India
10 Indian states add to your bucket list
7 lesser explored hill stations

For every time you see the tiger, the tiger has seen you a hundred times! This saying holds true in forests that are home to the mighty Royal Bengal Tigers. If you really wish to witness how majestic a tiger is, the zoo is not a place to watch a tiger. You must watch it in its natural habitat – strolling across the jungle, hunting for its prey, playing with its cubs, quenching its thirst at a pond. The Royal Bengal tiger is one of India’s most famous assets and if you are in India, you are in great luck because there are some amazing wildlife sanctuaries across the country where you can experience the mighty tiger at its WILD WILD BEST! We list 5 such destinations for you to have an encounter with this beautiful beast. 1. Ranthambore National Park. 2. Bandhavgarh National Park. 3. Jim Corbett National Park. 4. Tadoba National Park. 5. Sundarbans tiger reserve.
River rafting is emerging as one of the most popular adventure activities in India. White water rafting is an outdoor activity, which uses an inflatable raft to navigate a river. There are different levels for this activity, known as the International Scale of River Difficulty. There are 6 grades of difficulty involved in white water rafting. Here’s a list of 8 river rafting locations in India that you certainly should visit! 1. White water rafting at Rishikesh. 2. Rafting at Pirdi. 3. River Rafting in Orchha. 4. Rafting in Tattapani. 5. White water rafting at Kolad. 6. Water rafting in Darjeeling. 7. Rafting at Zanskar. 8. Rafting on the Tons river.
India is often referred to as a place with unity in diversity. The land has diverse landscapes, cultures, ethnicities and architecture in different regions of the country. It is one of the most difficult tasks to choose a place to visit in this nation coz of the number of wonderful options the country has to offer. Be it beaches, hill stations, religious places or historical monuments, India has it all, and in abundance. However, if you had to choose 10 states to visit in India, here’s a list of the most popular tourist places! 1. Kerala. 2. Goa. 3. Rajasthan. 4. Punjab. 5. Jammu and Kashmir. 6. Karnataka. 7. Sikkim. 8. Uttar Pradesh. 9. Tamil Nadu. 10. Himachal Pradesh.
Uttarakhand is often referred to as the land of Gods due to several Hindu temples located here. But we must add that this land is indeed blessed with the most beautiful hill stations. While Dehradun and Rishikesh are popular locations in Uttarakhand, there are many unexplored hill stations here. Not many tourists flock these places and they offer the perfect getaway for those seeking serenity. What more! Scenic views that will await you at these hill stations will leave you mesmerised. Here’s the list of hill stations in Uttarakhand that one must visit! 1. Askot Musk Deer Sanctuary. 2. Kasauni. 3. Ranikhet. 4. Lohaghat. 5. Chopta. 6. Dhanaulti. 7. Munsyari.